You Ch. 05

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Big Tits

You join me on the couch and we drink a glass of wine. You lean against me as I hold you in my arms. I kiss your head softly as you tell me things.

We are both calm and relaxed as we sit there. Everything feels peaceful and satisfied…so right. And we kiss from this contentment, slow long kisses of giving ….kisses that tell. Kisses that are the ends in themselves, not the beginning of other acts.

And we are warm and pleased with ourselves. Feeling this way, we slowly feel our passion building. It is slow and strong and under control now. Not urgent and wild like an hour ago.

As we kiss, I slowly slide my hand along your leg and then over and under your thigh and then up your thigh. You slide down slightly and uncross your legs.

My fingers make their way further up until I feel the softness of your pussy, and they gently stroke and caress and massage it….tenderly….gently…softly…slowly.

And as I feel you, I can feel your kisses building in intensity and your pussy starting to open and your wetness leaking onto my fingers.

“Will you make love to me again?” you ask.

“Yes,” I answer. “But I have something different for you this time.”

“I am ready for anything,” you respond.

I kiss you again for a few minutes, and then when I can feel you are excited enough, I stand and motion for you to turn over.

I help position you at the end of the couch and then I decide you need to be standing and leaning over the eryaman escort arm of the couch. In this position your face and upper body are facing down at an angle and your ass and pussy are up in the air.

I leave for a moment and when I return, I lift your gown over your back, exposing your pussy and ass to me. I stand directly behind you and I hold my cock and rub it between your legs, making it harder.

You instinctively spread your legs. I continue teasing, but never putting my cock any deeper than just between your lips. You are moving back against me with every touch. I slip my fingers into you and feel that you are very wet.

I stop my cock play and begin to massage your buttocks, relaxing the muscles and rubbing the tissue deeply, caressing and massaging and relaxing, calming you.

And when I see you are relaxing more, I take one finger and rub around your asshole, slowly and in a gentle manner.

You are startled at first, but I continue to circle and massage gently and you soon relax again.

When you are calm, I slowly slip my finger into your ass. Your muscles tense and tighten, and I stop pushing as I relax them again.

I keep working my finger in and relaxing you until I have my finger in your ass and am able to turn and rotate it and slide it in and out.

I repeat this slow procedure and soon I can push two fingers inside your ass. You start to relax more now and seem to enjoy this pleasant massage.

When esat escort I can freely move two fingers around and have your ass opened to this size, I remove my fingers. I slip my other hand under you and feel inside your pussy, coating my fingers with your juices. I push my cock in and cover it also.

I move back to your ass. My cock is hard as I place the head against your puckered hole. It is still open from my massaging, but it is much smaller than my cock head.

I rub and massage your ass again, and then place my cock head against your hole. I slowly push forward. You moan and I can feel your muscles tighten, so I stop pushing for a moment.

I can see you trying to relax, and soon I start to push again..My cock pushes slowly against the circular muscles until I finally am able to push them apart and get the head of my cock inside your ass.

I stop for a minute and massage your buttocks and hips.

I reach back under and cover my fingers with pussy juice again and I rub this onto my cock and on your ass. I begin to push again and soon my cock is about four inches in your ass. I stop and pull back.

I lubricate my cock shaft again and quickly place it back and push it back into your ass. I keep pushing and soon have about six inches in your ass. I pull back and slowly stroke my cock in and out a few times.

You begin to groan and I can see that my movements feel good to you. So I stroke a little faster ankara escort and a little deeper. Your groans are louder and you moan with each stroke.

I hold your hips now and pull back. I stop for a moment. I tighten my grip on your hips.

You look back in anticipation. And as you do, I slam my body forward, forcing my cock all the way in your ass in one blow.

You scream and you push back and then attempt to move, but I pull back and ram again…hard and deep and fast.

You scream again and try to get up, but I pull back and slam my cock in your ass again and again and again.

You lie down now, knowing you are unable to escape and with each stroke, unwilling to move anyway.

I continue ramming my cock in and pulling out and ramming and pulling…over and over and over. You now buck back against me and screaming for me to fuck you harder…to fuck your ass…to take your ass…to ream your little ass.

And I fuck you as hard and fast and deep as I can. Your ass is so tight, I know I will not be able to ignore my need to cum soon, so I ream you as much as I can while I can still fuck you.

I drive on until I hear you snort and start to make your cumming sounds, and I speed up and soon I join you and I pump my cum deep in your ass as you shake and tremble from your own cumming.

And when my cock slips out of your ass, I stand back and watch my cum running out of your stretched out ass, still open and dark.

It drips out and falls on the floor in droplets and small streams. Puddles of cum lie on the floor as we straighten up and kiss again.

We hold each other as we come down and realize we are exhausted.

Soon we are asleep in each other’s arms.

Content…peaceful…satisfied…and together.

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